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The Chop'd Story

The Chop’d story started back in 2004, when we had very young children. The guiding principle for our food was to only use suppliers and product that we’d be happy for them to eat and enjoy.

That principle still remains exactly the same today.

Our bread is made from just flour, water & salt, Clara makes the jerk chicken paste and we’ve worked with Paul, our fruit and veg man, since before we started trading.

Now our children are towering over us, we would like them to enjoy a world where we still have forests and are not choked by plastic.

We approach the sourcing of our packaging with the same sense of sustainability that we do with our food.


of our apples

come from Kent


of our chicken

comes from Essex


of our tofu

comes from Brick Lane


Recycled Salad Bowl

We now offer a 100% recycled bowl, which is also totally recyclable; manufactured in Cambridgeshire.

Chop’d is where you’ll find THE tastiest breakfasts, salads, soups, wraps and stews, made from THE best ingredients. You can enjoy delicious dishes all made from seasonal and local produce that are packed full of flavour and are really good for you too! 

Plus, you can also build your own salad, giving you ultimate CHOICE and a lunch that is freshly prepared right in front of you!

Back in 2018 we launched the first 100% recycled salad bowl; also totally recyclable. We have worked for years with our manufacturer, continually pushing up the recycled content of the bowl. Many of the plastic bowls used are virgin plastic and made outside of the UK. Ours is 100% recycled plastic, manufactured in Cambridgeshire.

We introduced the ‘keepie’ re-usable salad bowl back in March 2018 and, since its introduction, we have saved over 200,000 plastic bowls. Due to modern life pressures this isn’t suitable for everybody hence why we pushed to get a 100% recycled bowl. So if you can’t use our keepie bowl, you can at least use one that reduces the plastic mountain!

Since 2004, we have offered a free veg item if customers don’t use a bag. To date we estimate we have stopped the unnecessary use of over 3.5 million bags.

“I think we should be celebrating vegetables and natural proteins, rather than dressing up something that it isn’t. Don’t call it a burger, but a veggie patty or falafel, and make food honest rather than disguising it,” (Eddie Holmes, MD)

Our Locations

From starting out in Leadenhall Market back in 2004, to then opening 9 new branches across London and one in Manchester, Leeds & Liverpool, it certainly has been an exciting journey!